Habitat M45

2019 New Year's Resolutions

Here's a list of my New Year's Resolutions for 2019. This is inspired by the Fox.Build crew as an attempt to be public and follow through on our revolutions. Wish me luck!

Overall Goals

  1. Document my work as html documents without css or javascript
  2. Keep a Dev Diary for my various projects as a dat
  3. Build an open source decentralized community run learning platform
  4. Contribute to the effort to port dat to rust
  5. Write a native slow net dat project in rust
  6. Get my Mandarin to a basic reading level
  7. Be able to read UI of Baidu search engine
  8. Be able to read UI of AliExpress
  9. Be able to read descriptions of items on AliExpress
  10. Reach conversational level of Mandarin with google translate
  11. Write one piece of poetry a month
  12. Learn basic Cobol
  13. Write a character sheet generator in Cobol
  14. Solve 3 Project Euler problems in Cobol
  15. Learn basic Forth
  16. Write a botany clone in Forth
  17. Write a new article for my habitat blog every month